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1 Litre of Tears - The Diary of Aya Kitou

Chapter 1:
14 Years Old (1976-77) - My Family

"Mary Died"

"Today is my birthday. How big I've grown! I think I should thank Mom and Dad. I'm determined to get better grades and be much more healthier so that I won't disappoint them. That's part of the reason why I want to enjoy the prime of my life. I don't want to have anything to regret in the future. I'm going to a school camp the day after tomorrow. I must study hard to finish my homework, otherwise I won't feel free. Keep it up, Aya!

Tiger, the neighbors' fierce dog, bit Mary on the neck, and she died. Tiger is big, but Mary was very small. She went up to him wagging her short tail to show she was friendly.

"Mary, no! COME BACK!" I shouted desperately, but . . . She died without being able to cry out. That must have been so frustrating for her. If she hadn't been born a dog, she wouldn't have had to die so soon. Mary, I hope you'll be happy wherever you are!

Our new house is finished. The big room on the east side of the second floor is like a castle for me and my younger sister, Ako. It has a white ceiling and the walls are brown veneer. The scenery through the windows is different from what I'm used to. I'm happy we have our own room, but a big room makes me feel a bit lonely. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight?

Starting in a fresh mood!
1. I should wear T-shirts and pants (more comfortable for moving around in).
2. Daily tasks:
*Watering the garden
*Checking if there are any insects on the backs of the leaves of the tomato plant I planted
*Checking for lice on the leaves of the chrysanthemums and getting rid of any I find at once
3. I mustn't neglect my studies!
4. Besides all these, I should record what happens everyday in my diary . . . without fail.
I order myself to do all these things."

- from 1 Litre of Tears


Ruhudeen Ali said...

Introduction can be read here:

or click on Aya's Diary from my blogroll. I will post up the entries here for convenience if anyone is interested.

Me said...

Hey buuuuuuddy. Not to hijack your entry, just letting you know that I'm deleting astronomy. Not the science, the blog lmao I was right. I DON'T have the attention span to keep with two journals, so the old has forfeited its place to the new. BTW, in response to this entry, IDK WTF is going on, but I'll look at the originating diary at some point to make sense of it.

Ruhudeen Ali said...

Wow Me, that's a shame...but I respect your decision. Can I blogroll your new blog? I will check out your posts when I get the time (really busy these days)

Ruhudeen Ali said...

oh by the way, Aya Kitou/(Kitou Aya) was a young girl who died by a cruel degenerative disease (Spinocellebar Ataxia/Atrophy) in 1988 (Japan) She was diagnosed at age 14 and was asked by her doctor to keep a journal of her disease's progression and continue to keep it up until she could no longer write. She died at the age of 25. Her journal, known as "1 Liter of Tears" or "A Diary of Tears" was published after her death and inspired millions of people to look at their lives and find the strength that Aya had to overcome their difficulties. Their was a Jdrama about her life too (which I reviewed on this blog.) Aya's an inspiration for everyone and a real hero, her life was not in vain as millions, like myself, gain strength from her story. RIP Aya-chan.

Ruhudeen Ali said...

here is part II of the entry on family:

Chapter 1
14 Years Old (1976-77) - My Family II

My Family

Dad: 41 years old. He's a bit impetuous, but sweet.
Mom: 40 years old. I respect her, but she's tough when she goes right to the heart of the matter.
Me: 14 years old. At the start of adolescence. A delicate age. A crybaby, in short. Emotion incarnate. Simple girl. Loses temper easily, but also laughs easily.
Ako: 13 years old. I have a sense of rivalry with her in terms of both study and personality. But these days she has me under pressure.
Hiroki: 12 years old. A tough customer. Formidable. He's younger than me, but he sometimes seems more like an elder brother. He's also Koro the dog's foster father.
Kentaro: 11 years old. He has a rich imagination but can be careless.
Rika: 2 months old. She has Mom's curly hair and Dad's face (her eyes in particular, the hands of the clocl pointing to eight twenty). Very cute!

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