Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pendulum Heart

By Ruhudeen Ali
September 2nd, 2010

Sway, sway, beating heart of mine
passion steers thee from time to time
a push and a tug, is the way that you go
but the inspiration behind clandestine

An issue here, some discourse there
struggle to find yourself everywhere
speak the thoughts pumped up to the mind
and if it goes beyond them, nevermind

Opinions are frantic & thoughts scurry
where I stand, why's it so blurry?
where I stand, why bring the jury? 
where I stand, why do they worry?

Views are the result of silly emotions
logic gets no play
and these are more vast than the seven oceans
what more is there to say?

The way I see today 
differs from what I saw before
what I see now will change on the 'morrow
as the pendulum beats from joy to sorrow

So trust not what I do say
for it is the result of this heart's sway
see it go swinging, a push and a tug
by the hands of the One from above

Sway, sway pulsating pendulum
as I remind myself through the days
faith and doubt are not toys to play
still the words I speak boys do say

So be cautious, recipient of my words
lest you seek the playground of boys and girls
inside this beating heart of mine
sway, sway it does, from time to time.


Ms. said...

It's nice:) I like the rep. of the swaying heart.

Ruhudeen Ali said...

Thank you Ms!

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