Monday, December 12, 2011

When Time Is Done With Us

"When Time is Done with Us"
By Ruhudeen Ali

The peculiar thing about the passage of time is that when we're young we focus on getting through the year so much so that our days pass by unnoticed. When we're older we focus on getting through the day so much so that the years pass by unnoticed. What you focus on stays in sight, what remains in the periphery slips by unannounced. What you wish to speed up passes ever slower and what you wish to slow down passes yet faster.

While burning aflame 
the firewood sees not the pyre wane 
But when the fire is gone 
And the smoke remains alone
What care do ashes have in which way they are blown?
When the fire is gone
The days and nights will moan
And everything and nothing goes wrong
Swaying to and fro, either way I mourn.

When time is done with us
We realize over what we fussed
But all that was, was enough
When looking back, why'd we ever scoff and lack trust
When all that ever was, was but a moment with love?

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