Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Jihadist, Crusader, and Zionist Cults

Today I read an article in the news that upset me beyond my usual tolerance for this sort of thing. An article on presents evidence of U.S Army training materials that instructs cadets to view Islam and all of its worldwide adherents as the enemy of America. (

Thankfully, the instructor of the course was dismissed and the Dept. of Defense has redressed this issue on the highest level and condemned it in the strongest terms. ( The notion that we must go to war to kill 'them' before they kill us is the same mentality carried by all terrorists. But what I came to realize is that our country still fails to see the parallels between jihadist cults and crusader/zionist cults. In the case of these three radical movements within their respective faiths of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, I find that each of these cults has twisted or corrupted what was once (originally) a noble endeavor; allow me to explain.

In the Quran a true jihad is a resistance against oppression as outlined succinctly by this verse in Surah Nisa'a (Chapter 4- Verse 75:)

"How should ye not fight for the cause of Allah and of the feeble among men and of the women and the children who are crying: 'Our Lord! Bring us forth from out this town of which the people are oppressors! Oh, give us from Thy presence some protecting friend! Oh, give us from Thy presence some defender!'"

We find that the root cause of this struggle is one to uplift an oppressed people who are too weak to defend their own rights (e.g- Syria and the Arab-spring is a good current example.) The same can be said of a true crusade (e.g- fighting for the rights of Christians or others in non-Christian lands) and even zionism in its true understanding (e.g- the right for Jews to live in the land of Israel equally among others.) We find that in each of these movements, there was a drive to restore equality and restore rights. However, with the modern interpretations of these movements there is a radical element that makes them fringe and cultist. The notion that we must violently attack this group because they have affected or changed our culture is wrong, and that is the difference between true jihad, true crusade, and true zionism- that its no longer about restoring order, rights and liberties but rather killing in the name of so-called 'self-preservation' of identity which is slowly changing.

The article highlighted here points to all Muslims (civilians) as targets because they supposedly attack the American lifestyle (which of course isn't true.) The twisted logic then becomes, "if they wish to attack us then we will pre-emptively attack them." This is the 'clash-of-civilizations' mentality that defines the modus operandi of terrorists essentially. Jihadi cults like al-Qaeda claim a U.S attack on Muslim values/lifestyle so they feel justified in carrying out physical (violent) attacks on innocent American civilians. The Army instructor, Col. Lt. Dooley's views mirror the same logic - "these Muslims wanna change us so let's kill them." Zionist parties who see Palestinians and non-Jews as a threat in the region of Israel want to kill the opposition before they can sway change. It is this feverish claim to self-defense and self-preservation that justifies, in their minds, a war and death of the 'other.' There is virtually no difference.

In a world with increased inter-connectivity and inter-dependency, it is vital for all groups to accept the 'other.' Violence is not the answer. Genuine dialogue and engagement with different communities needs to occur in order to appreciate and respect our similarities and differences. Let's not kid ourselves in thinking that these cults offer viable solutions to the problems [and benefits] of global cultural assimilations. The Islamic world is becoming more Westernized and vice-versa and there's nothing wrong with that. It is a natural result of our shrinking world and the emergence of a global, meshed-culture.

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