Sunday, July 29, 2012

Allah Ki Chahat (God's desire)

*Blogger's Note- The following tradition, often referenced in Urdu-speaking circles, is credited as being among the qudsi ahadith but reference to any isnad; person or authentic hadith collection is hard to find. If anyone knows the source, please do inform me as I really do find meaning in this tradition/poem and I'm eager to endorse it if it is indeed from a divine source. Otherwise take it for what it is.

Urdu Transliteration

Aye Ibn-e-Adam,
Aik teri chahat hai aur aik Meri chahat hai..!
Magar hoga wohi jo Meri chahat hai..
 Pas agar tu ne apney app ko sapurd..
 ker dia uss ke jo Meri chahat hai..
Toh Mein bakhsh doun ga tujh ko wo bhi jo teri chahat hai..
Aur agar tu ne nafarmani ki uss ki jo Meri chahat hai..
 Toh Mein thaka doun ga tujh ko uss mein jo teri chahat hai..

Phir wohi ho ga jo Meri chahat hai...

English Translation

O Son of Adam,
You have your desire and
 I have My desire
 But My desire shall reign
 Though if you surrender yourself unto My desire,
 Then I shall bestow upon you your desire
But if you oppose My desire,
 Then I shall tire you of your desires
And ultimately My desire shall reign….”

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