Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eternal Questions

Eternal Questions
By Ruhudeen Ali
August 21st, 2013

Who am I and why am I here?
What is this anxiety, this unsettling fear?
What is my purpose, why was I born?
Am I special or am I the norm?
What makes me human, what is our role in this world?
And would it matter if I was a girl? 
What is this place, our planet Earth?
And is it true I was made of clay and dirt?
Are we alone or is there life out there somewhere?
Does it even matter, should I even care?
Who is God and why are we told to have faith?
And does He mind that over Him we debate?
What is religion and why do we follow rituals?
And is it ok to just be spiritual?
Why are we judged by which path we choose?
Is it black & white? Win or lose?
Is there a place such as Hell & Heaven?
Will we all be forgiven, believers & heathens?
Is there an afterlife after death?
Or should I make the most of life with whatever's left?
Will we see our loved ones again after they’re gone?
Are fading memories all that’s left to hold on?
Why are there different divisions of people?
Why do we hurt others and treat them as unequals?
What's the deal with status and social classes?
Don't we all eat and wipe our own asses?
Why are the powerful so high & mighty?
Don't they realize that they were once tiny?
Why can't we solve our human problems?
Or is it that some groups benefit by not solving them?
What is love and how do you find it?
And once you find it, how do you keep it?
What is freedom and oppression?
What is happiness and depression?
What is death and what is life?
What is comfort, what is strife?
What is a life of meaning?
What is scheming and dreaming?
What is finitude and infinity?
What is creation, what is divinity?
What is the truth, what is the lie?
What are the answers, we haven't got the time
Will we ever come to know?
Or was it all just a process to help us grow?
Maybe we already have the answers that we need
Maybe all it was, was a tale of a sprouting seed.

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