Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ran'dem Rhymes vol.#9

By Ruhudeen Ali

I feel averse to spit a verse about my curse
can't talk about the pain ingrained within
but then again its better to relate somethin then nothin
and though I know I can't complain
cuz I've got everything, I still say it with a grin
forgot so much of the me that I used to be around my kin
lookin within, still can't figure out alotta things
like how did I f*** up in 3 years what I worked up to in 22?
that's old news now fast forward to 27
for people like me I hope there's room in heaven
can't depend on my Muslim brethren
cuz they're equally sabotaged like 9/11
does God descend special friends and God-sents
to lend a helping hand when I'm spent?
or is it guidance for my soul from the time it was mended?
my sorry life I can't end it and neither wish to pretend it
will a maiden offer her hand and extend it
for me to lend it for my time on Earth to make it splendid?
or am I just demented for the silly mention
of such a thing, will I face detention in my mind's dimensions?
living with dementia or hypertension
or the extension of some sort of health tension?
I'm stressin cuz the stench in my soul's basin
don't know what I'm facin
I only know that my heart is racin
can't keep up the pacing, from all the chasin
cuz its like im runnin from Jason
on Friday the 13th
come to think of it, it all started when i was 13
got caught up in the discoveries of your average teen
not knowin pretty soon I'd be having savage dreams
wakin up from nightmares with blank stares
like I was walkin down a flight of stairs
but not knowin what the hell's down there
I was scared and unprepared for the route I fared
even back then I feared that my time was near
with the way I experimented left me demented
hope I'm not so dense that I can't sense heaven's scents
what wouldn't I give to get back my innocence!
but still God has been clement and benevolent
in helping me retain my inner sense
one day hope to be with the righteous and pose a winning stance
wonder what it'll take to break out this sinning trance
cuz for God its just a glance to look at me
and feel pity for forever to throw me into serenity
time there's plenty when speakin on eternity
its my audacity to hope like Obama is no joke
when I croak I hope I get a poke from righteous folks
and though we're on different strokes
I know God is forgiving cuz I studied His notes
spoken from the throats of divinely elected *G.O.A.Ts (as)
so watchu talkin 'bout Willis?
talkin about 'you can't seek forgiveness?'
God can forgive a menace
so long as you're truly repentant, so don't grimace
pass him the coke, the soda, and don't make it diet
I'm soundin like Yoda but might spark a riot
this deeni stuff is nice man you should try it
but now I'm ghost cuz I smell burning toast
and there's an egg in the frying pan
so guess who's gotta fry it? Adios!

G.O.A.T = Greatest of All Times

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