Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blank Sheet

By Ruhudeen Ali

Blank sheet, spare me your empty speech
come to me instead with joyful glee
tell me a story that's just about you and me
take me across the world's seven seas
without me having to say 'please.'

Show me the place of ideas again
I don't care if its a lovely terrace or lonely shed
for right now, my intelligence has fled
I need to be where couplets are bred.

Endow me with inspirational thoughts
accompany me on my lonely walks
you should know me by now, my life you stalk
but you cannot write me a word, like a broken chalk.

In days long past, you would send me gifts to my bed
in my dreaming state couplets would dance 'round my head
moments like this I did not have to dread
wondering whether it's my brain or pen that is dead.

But now seeing you is no longer the same
you and I together, it's no longer a game
words strung together can only be so lame
when spoken from apparent lack of pain.

I face you now with glimmering hope
won't you lend me some colors from your kaleidoscope?
In this chair and quiet solitude, only you are my host
together there's no hoax, we must make this the most.

So now with pen I write fresh new lines
hoping there's quotes for tomorrow's times
of writing, an example that shines
of a work I can claim as mine!

And now you are no longer blank
the cogwheel of mind can do without the crank
I wonder at times, if this was all your silly prank
but I care not anymore, it is to you I owe my thanks.


Anonymous said...

explain this poem.... what is this about!!!

ms. said...

mr, explain this poem.... what is this about!!!

Ruhudeen Ali said...

It's a poem about writer's block

Ms. said...

I like it

Ruhudeen Ali said...

Thank you

Ms.N said...

app mera shukriya ada tab karen jab meh jhoot bolon:D

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