Monday, November 24, 2008

True Friend

by Ruhudeen Ali
July 9th, 2006

The true friend is not the one who wants you to remain the same.
The true friend is the one who expects you to change.
And through those changes, they stay by your side and support you.
They don't laugh, mock, scorn or judge you.
And through all of your changes, they appreciate the seed that has sprouted.
They stuck by your side, when all else doubted.
And when you were down they called you and accounted.
Your best friend has seen you in your prime
when you were in the peak of your time.
Your best friend has seen you fallen and at your worst
when an ear was all that they could offer because words hurt.
Your best friend was by your side when you fought.
Together learning lessons you were taught.
Your best friend was there when you tasted defeat.
Offering a hand to help you rise and stand on your feet.
They've been with you through joy and pain.
They've seen you sensible and insane.
They are a light in a world full of black.
They are your shadow when you thought you didn't have back.
The true friend will tell you the truth even if it hurts you
because they see passed the momentary and wish to remain loyal and true.
The true friend may fight and hurt your feelings
but will always offer sincere advice in all your dealings.
The true friend is a companion and comrade in the truest sense
because all it takes is loyalty - whether genius or dense.
So a true friend will remain loyal to you all the way til the end
and your honor they will always defend.
With them you can never fake or pretend
because they see right through your lens.
The more rare something is the more value it holds.
A true friend is a treasure for life, truth be told.


Me said...

I hope you consider me to be a true friend even though we barely get a chance to talk and we haven't seen each other in ages lmao *hug*

Ruhudeen Ali said...

of course we are friends! friendship knows no time nor distance.

h. ahmed said...

awww... am i ur true friend shawn?!?! :P

Me said...

yay, i'm your friend, hazaa! wait a minute... know what's funny? i was trying to remember how i usually spell that when i'm being piratey and screaming for joy. i think i usually write "hazaa!" but i wondered if anyone else spells it that way so i googled it and a translator came up saying that hazaa means "this" in urdu, which is what you used to try to teach me lol small world, ain't it? lol

Ruhudeen Ali said...

I just realized something. I didn't post this up as an example to my friends on how I should be treated nor on how you should be my friend. Not at all. You guys are all amazing in your own ways and I'm blessed to have good friends like you. This is just a poem I wrote about my close friends and what I noticed about them. That's all. You guys are all my true friends :)

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