Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ran'dem Rhymes vol.#10

by Ruhudeen Ali
July 29th, 2009

I'm like a ceiling fan
cuz I'm going around in circles
I can't fake a smile man
so don't say 'cheese' like Steve Urkel
but the wind blows a refreshing air
I got plans like Hertzl
with a grain a salt like a pretzel
makin' blueprints with the pencil
map out my dreams like I stencil
producing is my art, I'm like a stem cell
I got ideas locked up doing life in my dome
trying to crack the code like the human genome
while others try to find a wife and a home
I'm contemplating the knife in chrome
but that's only when I'm hurt and alone
sometimes wishin I was in the dirt and unknown
dear God I'm a jerk and its shown.

Failing in stealth
I'm ailing in health
size 34 and not wearing a belt
feelin like I'm waiting to melt
but patient when hating is dealt
to me and myself
but I'm just being stupid
like I'm debating an elf
contemplating the self
confiscating the shelf
seeking books of wisdom
though investigating ain't help
I'm instigating a yelp
praying cuz I feel like a prey
like I'm imitating an elk
cuz I need a helping hand to be felt
I'm asking G-O-D
cuz that's how His name is spelt.

Does this ring a bell?
Yes I'm going through hell
but it wasn't like you crawled in my shell
and asked me how I fell
my life I try to compute like a Dell
but I can't understand the language
like its in braille, my mind is frail
I'm feelin like I'm facing termination
but I seek salvation like Christian Bale
evil world wanna touch me like a friskin jail
but that's gay like Sodom & Gomorrah
cuz they fell to briskin hail
my lifestyle's risking hell
I'm not thinkin well
find myself in sticky situations
like knappy frickin jell
while you're laughing
like I'm Steve Carell
my sins I'm not supposed to tell
but I confess to it all
cuz we were fathered from the Fall
when I dropped this your girdle broke
and your fat belly fell
one day I'll be like Grandmaster Melle Mel
rhyming on the tele tel
and if that ain't my fate
all I can say is "oh well"
cuz its all good
in other words its all swell!

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