Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ode to my Father

by Ruhudeen Ali
July 29th, 2009

Among all the heroes of men
this simple man defies the acumen
how great is he who's love in our hearts
force to scatter our demons apart.

How humble and noble is he
who's resemblance in mirror faces me
And yet the tale of the oak tree and his seed
are as disparate as the foam and the sea!

And the substance that reigns in him
bars any complaint in him
though he fares among the simpletons
he withholds his discretion
to inform us of our ignorant impression.

Communion of angels - this is your proof
of why men were destined
to dwell upon heaven's roof!
Gangs of Iblees - admire and look closely
at why you have no right to be haughty!

For men such as these separate the degrees
of the blessed from the thieves
among the seeds of Adam and Eve
for this, my father was conceived.

Clement and magnanimous
he entails a character so tremendous!
Being the paragon of the selfless man
he is the fairytale with limbs and hands.

His gentle wisdom is always solicited
though his humility makes it elicited
in all honesty words do fail to convey
the glory and praise of his starlight's rays!

So thank you dear Lord for bestowing me my father
I would truly and sincerely ask for none other
he is my role model, my benefactor, my hero
were it not for our kin surely I'd be nothing.

Such a gift is beyond the son's pay
to thank the Lord for His Spirit in clay
for if not for the fraction of father in me
ignorant would I be to know and worship Thee!

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