Sunday, October 26, 2008

8 Million Stories

Hey everyone, so I've been working on my blog lately while putting aside the important things on my to-do-list (you know my steez!) But really, now that its officially launched I feel good and have high hopes for it. I've been in a creative rut for a long time for reasons of which many of you know already, and I may or may not expound upon in a later post for the rest of my loyal subjects (don't wait up!) I'm glad this idea was suggested by a good, close friend. Thanks for the idea and support J! Let's do this. Also, the idea of using initials is a great idea, thanks for the inspiration P! I hear its quite therapeutic to just blab out whatever is on your mind and so, as a disclaimer, this blog won't be G-rated folks, sorry. For a mind that's as messed up as mine, strong words need to be used every now and then. Though I won't deflate, cheapen, or dilute the power of a good cuss, they will be used only when most natural and appropriate.

F*@^! oh sorry that was just a test. Ehem, anyways, so..where was I? Right, so I know I already posted on this topic earlier [see "the Sky is the limit" entry] but I just want to drive home the fact that I will be posting a lot of random thoughts and/or material too that may/may not interest you but that doesn't mean that you should zone out. Or that I give you permission to zone out. I will spice things up every now and then (more-so then) with some **garam masala kiddies so stay tuned for that.

Also, a keynote for those who know me personally, y'all are my family & friends, I love you. You are the people I expect to be at my wedding(s), my birthdays, celebrations of joy, with me on my days of sadness and grief, and my funeral (God willing.) I don't expect the following from you but just in-case, it needs to be stated: You may be surprised by some of the things you will find here, or you may not. You may learn something new about me that you didn't previously know or you may see something that you didn't see before. To those who want to judge, there's only room for one on the judgment seat and His name rhymes with "Nod." So please, if you wanna judge me go get your J.D first and start up your own court TV show. To those who make it their business to pry into other people's lives only to spread rumors, gossip, backbite, and slander, congratulations, how salty is my flesh on a scale of 1-10? (Don't answer that.) True friends stick by you through the changes of the seasons and the reasons. And to the "big brother" government who's got his watchful eye on all of us, don't worry - I'm still your slave just like everyone're doing an excellent job. Just be sure to tell my new master about my needs when he swears-in in January. Thanks! And now, for some good ol' hiphop. ['8 Million Stories' by A Tribe Called Quest.]

** "garam masala" for all you non-SouthEast sub-continent dwellers is a hot spice used in cooking and probably other activities.


Me said...

I'm glad I have this connection to you on here now so I can pop in and see what's on your mind every so often :) Welcome to the world of official... officialry lol

Ruhudeen Ali said...

2 things: I bleeped the curse because my sister told me that my little niece visited my blog! lol..can't be a foul-mouth uncle now can I? (not that I ever was anyway.) 2ndly, this one's a bit silly but I said "wedding(s)" not because I intend to be a polygamist, but because you never know about life and how many marriages/re-marriages one has to go through, if they're lucky enough to get married at all.

Ruhudeen Ali said...

that's why i changed it b4 she read it :) do i still get good mamoo points? i hope so..

Anonymous said...

i want your niece to say b@$t**d because i dont know how to say that beatdollatstarstard sounds okay but there have to be better renditions....alright brother

Anonymous said...

confucius ve ri confus inng

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