Saturday, October 25, 2008


By Ruhudeen Ali

The landscape is dressed in remnants of autumn leaves
salted by snow, biting from the wind
This evening I remember you.
Warm memories of our past cause me to forget
but the sight before me is the reality;
a cold life without you. I fall like so many.
buried in white, that is my end.
my love, where have you gone?


Ms. N said...

aiygo ena emo kyun honda paya hai monda ahahahahahahaha
Jks apart it's really sweet

Ruhudeen Ali said...

hahaha "ena emo kyun honda paya hai monda" LOOOOL. that was a good laugh, thank you!

Ms.N said...

janti thi ap haas pardengay isi liye to likha tha mehne...:D..
the poem reminds me of the kahawaat:
jab chand ko dehko to tum mudje yaad kerna .... jab meri yaaad aye to milne ki dua kerna...
:and guess what 12:ooam May 27,2010 struck a full moon.:D

Ms.N said...

Our ek baat to batayen.... Ap ne ajj shubha ki namaz pardi hai?...

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