Friday, October 24, 2008

Bitchin - Er..Blogging in the 21st Century

"'God" (or the "devil") as they say, "is in the details." With millions of blogs going up daily, just how does one grab the attention to detail of the random passer-byer on this crazy thing called the internet? Now you can pretty much tell that I'm a 20th century guy, that I can even refer to the internet as something "crazy." But truth be told, my generation (shout out to all you '80's folk out there in net-land) has seen the post-office, for example - an age-old institution - become a vestige of society; almost completely relegated to the ever important job of sending us billing statements and other "oh shit!" reminders that we love every morning with our coffee and a side of headache. No wait, actually, with paperless billing and the like, even that function has been replaced. So then, what function does the post-office really play, besides old memories of yester-years awaiting the arrival of the courier to see if the love letter you sent last month has gotten its response, or everyone's favorite, signing up for selective service? (as can be seen here:)

It's scary isn't it? (the commercial, yes.) Truth is, the post office and other old institutions are remnants of the old world we're leaving behind. Today's world, starting with we 21st centurians, from now on will get to enjoy everything digital, virtual, mechanized, templated, de-personalized, and devoid of any human touch. It's kinda funny actually, how our society has "progressed" to the point of wanting to do away with all the nuances of bothersome human idiosyncracies, for the sake of rapid production and societal growth. This sounds great if you're a robot looking for work, rather than a human being trying to live spiritually and empathetically with all your fellow man and woman in our day and times. Dare I ask, as great as it sounds, just what the hell is all this "rapid production" really doing? Growth for what? It often seems like we wake between 5-6AM to go to work, endure a stressful day, come back by 7PM just to knock ourselves out. Oh wait, we can't do that cuz our 2nd job kicks in (for those of you with spouse/live-in lover and/or kids.) Life has just become so demanding today that the joy of spending time doing all things sacred (will leave that up to the readers to define,) has been sucked out by the vampire known as "empire" - the hallmark of our society. And this madness called the "developed world" is what we wish to push on countries who are happy living the simple life? Gimme a break! We've got the technology to cure so many diseases but our "advanced" societies suffer from more modern day illnesses than more primitive societies from all the stress that we bare. Ever useful is the reminder from Harry Chapin on how our lives should not be living amongst our family and children in this crazy corporate Mcworld of ourselves:

And its sadly true. Each generation of ours is enslaved to a system pushing us towards eventual rewards for which, in reality, none of us will be benefitting from because neither we, nor our children, nor our grandchildren and future pedigree will ever stop in seeking this blissful nothing. Slavery it seems has evolved from the days of whips of coarse material to the present-day whips of endless debt and the threat of bankruptcy. And as we chase after this green damsel, federally reserved, we lose our sense of purpose in this world - which is to never really figure out what our purpose is in the first place (or at least not have it fed to us by the feds - hah!) A purpose, which is ours to discover, give meaning to, cherish, establish, and spread within our lives. And so, in sparing you all a doctoral thesis here on how to live and enjoy life, I say be the example of happiness that you wish others to emulate, bitching (as I was only doing by way of illustration mind you..ehem) will only create negative energy which is not good for our energy needs in today's world. Let's try to encourage and remind everyone we know that we, the people, are the most valuable resource to this world. Because a bad human being is the cancer of this planet, while a good human being is its savior. Each of us is a Superman and a Wonder-woman in the making. Let's caste aside the anthem of slavery [see below] for something more meaningful and fullfilling.


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