Monday, January 5, 2009

Movie Review - Earthlings

Ok so its more of a documentary than it is a movie. It's a film about the gross, inhumane, and unethical treatment of animals within five major sectors of our economy: pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and medical research. The film makes the case that we as humans have become dependent on animals for our livelihood and it implies that we seriously need to re-evaluate our needs and wants; and see ourselves as equal, fellow members of the great race of Earthlings rather than as its masters. It uses the term "speciest" for one who, as would a racist or sexist, put the needs of their own species or group above that of another as well as assigning unequal rights based on group or species membership. Regardless of where you stand in-terms of Animal Rights, this film will SHOCK you, and it is not for the squeamish of heart due to its graphic nature.

Personally, I wasn't very big on Animal Rights prior to watching this. I didn't think twice about animal products nor did I give much thought to the sacrifices these animals make for us on so many levels. After watching this documentary, I have a new found respect for animals that I think is very much the driving point of the film. Seeking to make us connect ourselves with fellow Earthlings, and simulataneously realizing our own responsibility in the ecosystem, Earthlings presents the true side of man's beast within, and just how patient our fellow Earthlings have been with our species, despite our absolute reign of terror and monstrosity. It is meant to give us a wake up call and a choice. And whether or not you change yourself based on what you have seen, you will at least gain a new found respect for all life on Earth. Basically this is a must see for every single Earthling!

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