Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Young Freud in Gaza

As part of Al-Jazeera's "Witness" mini-series, this week Ayed is interviewed about his role in healing the psyche of Gaza via his work as a psychologist in his clinic. This is a very touching, eye-opening, and powerful documentary on the neglected development of the Palestinians. Gaza, like other war-torn parts of the world, suffer not only physical dangers and ailments but more so psychological illnesses resulting from trauma that prevent the full recovery of an injured person. The affects of the Israeli occupation on the minds of all Palestinians has left them with little motivation to continue living, when death and constant danger, difficulties, and deprivation have snatched the joy of life from them. Its no surprise that after losing everything of value to them, all they see is to lose themselves in fighting the occupation. Ayed is right, "Gaza is a place that needs a million psychologists." As a future therapist I couldn't agree more.



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