Wednesday, August 5, 2009


by Ruhudeen Ali
August 5th, 2009

I contemplate in frees
imagining what life would be
for me without a pedigree
no way to start my family tree
so I freeze
but wait its up for me to believe
I can change degrees like 180s
ain't gettin on my knees for no tease, please
I only accept rings from pre-selected wifeys
so I can pass on the good genes
and my seeds can fight the hood fiends
I know my dreams require green
but I'm feelin yellow n' skimpy like Sailor V
so until the day I can say 'I love thee'
all I can say is "c'est la vie."

But I ain't gonna front for no dame
fools be out here tryin to talk about game
but they're lame so I give em the lane to explain
how to get the girl to change her maiden name
to yours so that it'll be the same
they say ain't no reason for disdain
but there's no need for locket chains
put her budget on pocket change
and she can leave if she complains
but I already got my lion's mane
plus my fame's assured
you already know my game
so take your place and be tame
in this thang I'm the rap king
universally acclaimed
not just self-proclaimed.

Son I got the brains
to retain control over the plains
and unlike your flight simulator games
air traffic gives me control of the planes
I make dough for the insane
but only roll with the sane
I don't snort cocaine
don't wanna end up like someone on a cane
at work who can't operate the crane
trying to numb the pain
so that I go muggin for novacaine
til people sayin things like "dayyum!"
that ain't who I am
that ain't my aim
so flush that down the drain
and put that on the refrain.

I write rhymes in the AM
cuz I'm quick to say em
girls - aint quick to lay em
cuz I respect em like "mame"
and wait for the hour with the dower when I pay em
my rhymin is a mayhem
lyrics killin em like I spray em
call my name in a jam
I got your back, your crew and your fam
I give a smack to Uncle Sam
cuz he don't give jack
not even a lousy gram
blast this out your speakers like "BLAM!"
my lyrics you can cram
but my method can't understand
goddamn I just gave you a plan
now take these commands
and make yourself a man
before you return to the sand!

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